What Our Friends Say...

"I LOVE BLACKBIRD TEA!!!" - davidji

“I’ve always had a coffee allergy keeping me away from the sophisticated and delicious café drinks. Blackbird Tea makes me feel like I can fit in with all the fancy coffee drinkers and still have an amazing drink!” – Kathryn Budig, international yoga teacher, author, and founder of Aim True Yoga

"The best mint tea I have had outside of Morocco – no lie!" - Bridget, Virgin Unite

“Just received some delicious @BlackbirdTea #AssamBreakfast. Will be consuming this #tea soon.” – Summer Rayne Oakes, model and eco-warrior

“Since I don't consume caffeine I'm always on the lookout for a rich delicious blend. Chai Rojo is amazing.” – Shiva Rose, actress, founder of TheLocalRose.com

"My favorite part of the day is the morning. Waking up to a fresh pot of Assam Breakfast Blackbird Tea with a little cream and sugar. It is the ritual of the act, but also the flavors of an amazing cup that revitalize me and give me a fresh start to any day." - Jessi Adele/Lone Valkyrie

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