Born in 2013, Blackbird Tea Co. is our answer to anyone who says that tea is too time-consuming, too fussy, and too exclusive. We believe in promoting connection, joy and health through tea, and that the process shouldn’t be mysterious or intimidating. In the end, tea is about taste, and there’s a type of tea for every palate (seriously – there are about 3,000 varieties of tea in the world, and that number grows all the time). Do I like it? Is really the only question you need to ask yourself. We hope you like ours.

In a mass-produced, throwaway world, we believe in creating simply and intentionally. As such, our collection consists of our most favorite teas. Think we should carry your favorites? We do too. Email us at blackbirdteaco@gmail.com or hit us up on Facebook and let us know which teas make your day brighter.

More recently, after very careful consideration, we joined forces with a like-minded gentleman named Sander who operates Seattle Seed Co.  They are a local, family-owned, Certified Organic business that sells not just garden seeds, but also local honey, handmade goods, and other #seattlemade gourmet foods like mustard and hot sauce.  It's a great match for our tea, doesn't deviate from our mission statement, and allows us to introduce Blackbird Tea to more local tea-lovers in their small storefront in the quaint neighborhood of Madrona.  You can now by Blackbird Tea in person at the shop!

Seattle Seed Co.
1423 34th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122


K + L + SSC, Seattle, WA


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