• Tea + Spirits

    When I think of tea, I think of something special, a way to create a unique moment and make it count. And for me, spirits can occupy the same kind of space, a tool to share the moment more fully. 

    Recently, we've been experimenting with combining the two. So far, here are our favorite recipes.

    Chai Rum Toddy

    • Make yourself a cup of Chai Rojo, steeping for about 2 minutes longer than usual.
    • Add honey
    • Add 1 oz. of rum (or as much/little as you want)
    • Squeeze in a bit of lemon


    Assam Old Fashioned

    • Make a small cup (6-8 oz.) of Assam Breakfast, steeping for a minute longer than usual. 
    • Be sure to stir in some raw sugar while the tea is still hot.
    • Pour 1 oz of your choice of whiskey (we used bourbon) into a cocktail shaker with ice.
    • Transfer tea and sugar to the cocktail shaker.
    • Shake it! 
    • Pour into a small champagne glass for maximum enjoyment. (See example at right, below.)




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