• One Time/One Meeting

    The ancient tea master Sen no Rikyū (1522 – 1591) spoke of ichigo-ichieone time/one meeting. As it sounds, this concept celebrates the notion that this moment is unique among all others. There is no time on earth, past or future, in which things will line up again just as they are right now. Now is truly unique.

    We came across this piece on Sen no while visiting the Wing Luke Museum, and the idea struck me since I was just thinking about how thankful I was for that specific day, and while there will be others, nothing will ever look the exact same again.

    It was a good reminder to appreciate all the moments for their preciousness and impermanence.


  • Tea + Spirits

    When I think of tea, I think of something special, a way to create a unique moment and make it count. And for me, spirits can occupy the same kind of space, a tool to share the moment more fully. 

    Recently, we've been experimenting with combining the two. So far, here are our favorite recipes.

    Chai Rum Toddy

    • Make yourself a cup of Chai Rojo, steeping for about 2 minutes longer than usual.
    • Add honey
    • Add 1 oz. of rum (or as much/little as you want)
    • Squeeze in a bit of lemon


    Assam Old Fashioned

    • Make a small cup (6-8 oz.) of Assam Breakfast, steeping for a minute longer than usual. 
    • Be sure to stir in some raw sugar while the tea is still hot.
    • Pour 1 oz of your choice of whiskey (we used bourbon) into a cocktail shaker with ice.
    • Transfer tea and sugar to the cocktail shaker.
    • Shake it! 
    • Pour into a small champagne glass for maximum enjoyment. (See example at right, below.)




  • A Darling Weekend

    This past weekend, we had the pleasure of being involved in the first Darling Magazine Mother’s Day Pop up Shop in Seattle. The pop up took place at the Maker’s Space, on Leonora St. If you’ve never been to the Maker’s Space, be sure to check it out! It’s a great loft co-working space near Pike Place Market with an inspiring roster of member businesses, and the owners are lovely.

    As all the vendors began to trickle in on Saturday morning, the anticipation of showtime was distinct. This feeling is the same whether “showtime” is a pop up shop, a production, or a party. As all the shop goers started to arrive, signs went up and sangria was poured. And even if a decoration was out of place, or products hadn’t been set out perfectly yet, everyone looked for the beauty in wabi-sabi – acceptance of transience and imperfection.

    We met so many awesome folks at this event – lifelong Seattleites, recent transplants, and visitors from places far and wide.

    We were honored to be featured with so many awesome vendors as well. Here are some of our fellow vendors that you just have to check out:

    Krista’s Baking Co

    Handmade Sam*made

    Allie Siedel Design

    Moorea Seal



  • We're growing!

    Well, it's that time of year again - parties, travels, and food. And we have some news...

    There are two new blends in the Blackbird library - Duke of Earl and Mocha Maté! We're especially proud of Mocha Maté. This blend for all you coffee drinkers out there took several rounds of taste testing but we think we've finally got it right.

    Duke of Earl is our take on the classic favorite Earl Grey. Listen to this number while you sip. 

    Want us to carry your favorite? Let us know!

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